Your First Athena Based Flex Application

This tutorial will guide you to create your first Athena base Flex application. Basically, it is a simple CRUD application to record and display employee information as showed on the screenshot on the right. Before proceeding, please make sure you have downloaded and installed Athena Framework and Athena Console.

Functional requirements for this application:

  • Loads and displays all employee objects on the grid without "heavy" properties like resume which stores large text content (CLOB);
  • Loads the full employee object with all properites when the user selects an employee and clicks the 'View & Edit' button;
  • Saves the employee information to the server when the user clicks the 'Save' button;
  • Deletes the employee from the server when the user hits the 'Delete' button.


Step by Step

  1. Server Side Setup
  2. Entity Modeling
  3. Server Side Coding
  4. Client Side Setup
  5. Designing the User Interface
  6. Client Side Coding

To avoid complicated setup, we'll use the embedded database Derby in this application. Alternatively, you may use any other database supported by Athena - MySQL, Oralce or DB2.

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