Athena Framework Flex Developer's Guide


Mar 2011

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Athena Framework for Flex
1.1. Overview of Athena Framework for Flex
1.2. Additional Flex Only Features
2. Get Started
2.1. Your First Athena Based Flex Application
2.2. Server Side Setup
2.3. Entity Modeling
2.4. Server Side Coding
2.5. Client Side Setup
2.6. Designing the User Interface
2.7. Client Side Coding
3. Programming Using ActionScript
3.1. The Generated Classes
3.2. Creates and Persists Enterprise Objects
3.3. Executes EJBQL from the Client-Side
3.4. Resolves Relationships
3.5. Merges the result into a UnitOfWork
3.6. Use EOObjectBrowser to peek UOW and EOs